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 Asperger Syndrome

Autism spectrum

Asperger syndrome or autism spectrum disorder is a behavior that interferes with social relations and whose first symptoms usually appear during childhood, which is the most delicate stage of development of a person, but many symptoms that are mistakenly associated with the autism are due to many different diseases and disorders.

Many parents whose children show an anomalous behavior during childhood express their fear of pediatric professionals to rule out autism as a cause of dysfunctional behavior. Fortunately, medical advances of recent decades have made ​​it easier for professionals health to identify Asperger syndrome in the early stages from beginning to manifest itself, since if left untreated, symptoms start to worsen seriously interfere with reaching the child’s life and hinder their development.

The main symptoms of Asperger Syndrome

These symptoms are often not easy to identify with a cursory examination because they tend to be confused with other conditions that have nothing to do with autism, behavior that often commonly turn the attention of parents is a worsening of the rebellion of the child from an early age and a marked inability to show their feelings and express their wishes.

This behavior by itself is not indicative of a child having the syndrome that it’s not autistic, since only a specific examination in identifying tests can determine whether or not you have Asperger Syndrome, which is detectable from the fourth years of age.

Differences between Asperger syndrome and autism

The main difference that should not be confused with Asperger Syndrome Autism, is that the first condition, there is a failure of social interaction by whom has it, but that does not interfere in other areas of development and learning, Indeed, children with Asperger syndrome have a higher than average intelligence and a high command of language, and shows interest in various subjects qualified, but his altered perception of reality makes it difficult to communicate by making others perceive them as clumsy or holders strange or bizarre behaviors.

Children with Asperger syndrome often suffer from social exclusion l, which tends to further aggravate his condition, which required the intervention of professionals to help them interact with other children their age and relaxing therapies be subjected to them help reduce the stress of their illness.