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Back Pain - What Are the Treatment Options Available?

 Back Pain - What Are the Treatment Options Available?

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At one time in our lives we will suffer some form of back pain or neck pain. It is a very common problem as it can affect as much as 80% of the population at some time in their lives. Because many people suffer from the condition there are many options that you can consider when it comes to treatment. It is recommended that if your are suffering from back and neck pain that you go and see your doctor first. They will then be able to advise if you need to see specialist.

The following are 4 options are available:


The majority of back and neck pain problems resolve themselves and therefore, you do not need any form of treatment. That is why it is advisable that you see your doctor or physician first. If the condition is not chronic then your doctor will probably be able to give the treatment needed otherwise, they can refer you to a specialist.


These specialists base their practice and treatment on the functioning of the body's nervous system. They use a combination of massage and movements of the body to treat the condition and relieve the pain. As well as their main treatment they can also provide advice on nutrition.


Physiotherapist use specialised hand treatments to alleviate the pain that is caused by back pain. They can also provide other consultation services that include counselling and advice about health and also use behavioural therapy to get you back to full fitness.

Pain psychology

Back and neck pain can also be caused and made worse by people who suffer from emotional problems and stress. Therefore, treating the emotional aspect of the condition can be beneficial. This method utilises psychology to identify any issues and the best way to treat them. This can involve appraising your emotions or your thinking which can be making the condition worse. Treatment can also involve learning to do relaxation and breathing techniques.

I would point out that these are not the only options that are available to you as there are many more than this article can accommodate. To find out more about these treatments you can either speak with your doctor or search on line.