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Manual Therapies With Chiropractors Help Considerably With Back Pain

Manual Therapies With Chiropractors Help Considerably With Back Pain

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 Lower back pain is the most common reason folks need chiropractic help. Finding which one benefits more is a little on the tricky side. You have the Chinese way of doings things, which follows through with acupuncture, to the traditional spinal manipulation of the North American doctors.

Manipulation and mobilization

The most common of all chiropractic care is of course, spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is simple, it consists of using sudden force to relocate your joint and help give relief from musculoskeletal pain. It gives you better range of motion for your joints, requires no alteration of your sacroiliac joint, and shortens your recovery time from acute back pain. Spinal mobilization is another style used by chiropractors, and is similar to the effects of spinal manipulation. In so, spinal mobilization is known as an oscillatory movement applied to the spinal region to help increase range of motion for the affected area.

Tissue manipulation

Another common treatment for back pain is a simple massage. You can either get these done by a legalized chiropractor, or at your local spa. The basis of a massage is to manipulate the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissues to increase function and to induce relaxation. Massages usually involve manipulating your body with either structured or unstructured pressure, usually done by or hand or with mechanical aids.

Hydro manipulation

A special style of massages is a hydrotherapy shower, known as a "Vichy Shower". These showers consist of shower nozzles that spray pressurized amounts of water onto the affected area. Another style of hydrotherapy is a dry-water massage bed. These differ from Vichy Showers for the client stays dry. There are two types of water message beds; one with a waterbed mattress with warm water and jets, and the other involves a foam pad and spraying jets. The foam pad method is similar to a Vichy Shower, but the client lies down and stays dry.

Qi manipulation

Acupuncture is another sought after source of relief of back pain sufferers. It may seem intimidating at first, but it's rather a simple process. Acupuncturist use thin needles to regulate your body's flow of "qi". Benefits of acupuncture are somewhat different from those of spinal manipulation: treats infertility, promotes good health, prevents disease, and nausea.

It's always best to talk to you doctor or chiropractor to figure which method will be best for you. Everything revolves around your comfort zone, and medical history. Just because something worked for your neighbor doesn't mean it will benefit you. Know what your problem is before you head into the office, and be clear and honest about what's bothering you.