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Rehabilitation After Surgery Of Meniscal

Rehabilitation After Surgery Of Meniscal 

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Meniscal injuries are common. A wear meniscus is a common injury of the knee joint . The most common is occur in turns or movements due to poor support. It is a degenerative, ie increase in severity over time.

The meniscus is a fibrocartilage located between the femur and tibia allowing the movements of flexion and extension and rotation of the knee. Serves to make the knee more consistent, helps the stability of the knee protects the articular cartilage of the tibia and femur better distributing the load of body weight.

Symptoms of a meniscus injury can often be in the form of severe pain: pain when doing certain postures, painful limitation of knee motion, stroke, lack of strength, clicks. Medicine has evolved a lot in this type of operation.

Currently using arthroscopic surgery can perform partial resection of the left meniscus remains stable, fixed, coherent and partially degenerate that allow for the function of the meniscus.

The time needed for rehabilitation of the meniscus depends on the patient and the type of injury, usually 3-5 weeks for the medial meniscus and 5-7 weeks for the lateral meniscus. After meniscal surgery, the articular cartilage of the knee has to adapt to living without their meniscus. Have to bear the burden alone. There is a more or less prolonged period of adaptation in which it is possible to manifest discomfort and / or occasional spills. This becomes more evident in the lateral meniscus surgery patients and veterans.

Treatment would be based on exercises supervised by a physiotherapist to help heal the knee and help you resume normal activities. In addition also perform preventive treatment to increase strength and flexibility in the knee and leg, to prevent future degeneration in the knee.

It is very convenient to exercise the area with light exercise, especially a few weeks after the operation. Smoothly running, biking or swimming practice some can be very beneficial for rehabilitation.