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Applications Of Therapeutic Ultrasound

 Applications Of Therapeutic Ultrasound

massage therapy
physical therapy

Although therapeutic ultrasound are commonly used in industrial applications in civil engineering and even insect repellant, one of its most interesting applications in medicine.

In this field, ultrasound is a type of therapy used to treat various conditions. It also applies to diagnostic imaging: the machine Ultrasound creates images that allow you to examine various organs in the body.

Let’s consider some of the therapeutic applications of ultrasound:

Physical: The benefits of therapeutic ultrasound in this area are of two types: thermal and nonthermal. This physical stimulation appears to improve cellular repair capacity in response to inflammation. Physical therapy with ultrasound is usually recommended for treatment of muscles and joints, but no clear evidence of their effectiveness.

Absorption of drugs: Ultrasounds are used in various drug therapies to improve its absorption in tissues default, including transdermal absorption, the concentration of chemotherapy in the tumor or the provision of thrombolytic drugs in a blood clot. Additionally it has been applied to facilitate welding in a bone fracture.

Treatment of urinary stones in the stone is used as an adjunct to surgery, facilitating the extraction of large stones through his previous breakup.

Dental cleaning: Ultrasound is used in dentistry for the removal of plaque deposited on the enamel.

Cosmetic Surgery: Ultrasounds help in mesotherapy treatments as an adjunct to liposuction, and reduce scarring.