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The Benefits Of Physiotherapy In Pregnancy And Fertility Processes

The Benefits Of Physiotherapy In Pregnancy And Fertility Processes

Physiotherapy in pregnancy

A few months ago we published an article related to physical therapy and pregnancy in setting out the different techniques to alleviate any inconvenience caused during pregnancy. This time we focus on the benefits of exercise therapy as an alternative therapy during the processes of fertility, pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Physical therapy in pregnant

Physical therapy has many benefits, help for pregnant women to prevent tearing during childbirth and pain that can appear in the final months of pregnancy. Physical therapy focuses on promoting the sound development of bodily functions that may be reflected in body movement problems. Physical therapy can help relieve aches, pains and future conditions.

Physical therapy in pregnant women is focused on strengthening the pelvic floor by training both before and after childbirth. The pelvic floor is responsible for maintaining the physiological functions of the urinary and reproductive tract to support. Through physical therapy can make the pelvic floor and develop more flexibility and can prevent tearing during childbirth. Following a series of guidelines and exercises can help the condition of the bones, joints and muscles are kept in top condition. The exercise will focus on stretching and perineal massage throughout pregnancy, to birth when the pelvic floor is strengthened.

After the birth

After giving birth to herbal medicine becomes important to return to the pelvic floor muscle tone of the mother. After childbirth perineal massage part can abdominopelvic exercises and even electro. Postpartum Physical therapy will therefore help reduce various urinary problems, and improve reproductive status, providing elasticity and the muscles helping to keep young. Likewise, both during pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy can help relieve muscle aches and pains, bone or joint that arise from normal pregnancy.

Physiotherapy during the process of fertility

Physical therapy is a highly recommended alternative therapy at different stages, especially during fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization , and is usually recommended by fertility clinics multiple times, since it helps to improve the general condition of the patient helps you relax and create a greater sense of wellbeing. Within the field of physical therapy modalities are different. So one of the biggest benefits is the mental, the physical therapy to improve the psychological situation of the mother or perinal therapy, for example, lymphatic massage to improve blood circulation and improve the chance of implantation, …

Pregnancy is a stage where they need to take special care not to make efforts to harm the unborn baby. For this reason it is essential that before undergoing any mother go to a professional therapist. For the effects of treatment to be effective you have to go to physical therapy regularly in order to feel its long-term beneficial effects. Although physical therapy has no side effects, provided they are put into the hands of a professional, in cases of problematic pregnancies or need to talk with my doctor who is doing the monitoring to the mother before it is submitted to physiotherapy treatment.