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How To Activate The Body’s Vital Energy

 How To Activate The Body’s Vital Energy

Metamorphic Massage
Physical therapy

Metamorphic massage, a technique that aims to reactivate the body’s vital energy. It is based on self-healing and that the body has a vital impulse that is what gives you strength and health to the body. This massage works on the memory cell to the point of returning to prenatal life through massage of the feet, hands and head.

Metamorphic Massage Therapy also called Prenatal and Metamorphosis, was created by Robert St. John, reflexologist and naturopath English, who discovered a psychological map of the human being which is reflected in the foot. The two most important reference discovered by St. John are the “father” and the “mother.”

Phalangeal joint in the big toe is located the “zone of the Father” which is what is linked to the time of formation of the first cell embryo at the beginning of the cervical spine. The place of the “healthy mother is the one in the Achilles tendon and heel edges.

This type of massage works on a temporal plane beyond the symptoms of the disease in particular, and is most effective when we do this massage someone emotionally attached to us. When parents give their children this massage to connect with the true life force.

There are three groups of patients in which the metamorphic massage has great effect: children and retarded adults, terminal patients and pregnant women. What time does each session you can determine each patient, as recommended in adults is at least one hour a week (half hour per foot). Each foot is completely reflected humans, working with this body part can produce changes in the life of the individual.

A massage that works with the “No-Time” and produces a pleasant and relaxing effect that is slowly creating changes in patient behavior.