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How To Give A Shoulder Massage?

 How To Give A Shoulder Massage?

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Give a massage on the shoulders can help relax the central nervous system, and the same sore muscles of the upper back. This can be a sensual experience. However, most of the time, this process is to help another person to relieve their stress.

This is especially for people who work with their arms all day, or for people who sit behind the desk. In a few simple steps, you will be able to give a shoulder massage effectively.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Start with the sitting position. This should be a vertical position. A chair or sofa back might work very well.

2 Start the massage at the neck. Both hands should be used. Take your finger and apply pressure on either side of the neck. Then, move in a circular motion until the fingers of both hands touching. Make sure you apply good pressure, but not to press for pain.

3 Move down to the base of the neck. Continue in a circular motion with just your fingers. Once you have reached the base of the neck, returned with the same exercise up.

4 Massage the shoulders to the back side. Use your fingers in a grasping motion. This should be done with both hands. Be sure to massage only back muscle.

5 Massage your shoulders to the sides by the biceps and triceps. Use your fingers in a soft grip movement. This should be done with both hands.

6 Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you are completely relaxed and your muscles are loose.