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 Massage On The Scalp

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head massage

With so many nerve endings that covers the area of the scalp, head and scalp are a great place to practice massage. Massaging this area may also help relieve tension in the face and neck, and can help promote sleep, lower stress load, making the experience even more beneficial.


1. Sitting or standing head up the receiver, you should be reclined or lying down, standing or sitting behind the receiver.

2. Make sure the hair is not wet. You may prefer to use a lotion or oil during the massage. Always ask the person if this is right first, as some do not want, because the hair may be dirty.

3. Begin the massage slowly, gently running his fingers yolks through the hair and face.

4. Stroking along the scalp from the forehead to the back of the head, with a repetitive motion. Repeat this step, this time from the sides of the head to the top.

5. Place your thumbs on the top or back of the head. Massage with your fingers in small circles move across the scalp.

6. Use both thumbs to rub alternate vertically along the back of the neck, placing each thumb on each side of the spine. Alternating pressure to do so.