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 Neck pain

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E l neck pain (neck) is one of the most frequently found with a physician. The origin of this discomfort usually associated with pathology of the cervical spine but may also be linked to other adjacent structures or be caused by a systemic disease. Neck pain often occurs asylum but can occur associated with headache, radiculopathy or myelopathy.

Call for the pathological origin of this symptom to develop a treatment plan and determine a prognosis. The neck includes the area between the base of the skull and chest cavity. The cervical spine supports the breast of the head, allowing movement and protects the spinal cord. The knowledge of anatomy allows us to recognize their role in different pathologies. There is little literature regarding neck pain compared to that found on pain in the bottom of the column. Neck pain is a lesser extent associated with problems of absenteeism on pain of the lower back.

The patient with acute neck pain should be performed a detailed clinical history to guide us towards the diagnosis. The difference between the pain of traumatic and nontraumatic causes. In patients who suffered a cervical spine injury should be immobilized immediately.