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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Most therapists suggest that stroke rehabilitation is very effective mainly physical treatment after stroke.

However, certain published data show that the evidence found is not so simple or easy to assess. However, most of the evidence is overwhelming, because they recognize that patients benefit from stroke rehabilitation with physiotherapy.

This benefit may be statistically small, but for a given individual, it could mean the difference between living at home or in a medical institution.

Few studies address the importance of physiotherapy in rehabilitation optimal movement. The evidence currently available suggests that no matter what form of treatment chosen and that any of the available methods can improve patient’s functional status. In other words, if there is an optimal treatment, so far not been identified.

Until further evidence emerges, the therapies should be selected based on their cost-benefit analysis, which can be given to as many patients.

Well-planned clinical trials aimed at finding the best approach is extremely important in these stages.