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Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain Is The Key to Eliminate Pain And Anti Inflammatories

 Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain Is The Key to Eliminate Pain And Anti Inflammatories

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A program of shoulder pain therapy is the single most effective treatment to ease pain, stiffness and discomfort from any shoulder condition. Pain and stiffness go hand in hand with a variety of shoulder disorders or injuries that present these common symptoms. Shoulder pain typically increases with time from a light tingle to a dull ache, especially at night or sleeping on the shoulder affected. Common disorders that show up with the symptom of pain are Impingement Syndrome, Shoulder Bursitis, Shoulder Tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) and Shoulder Arthritis.

These disorders often require the prescription of anti inflammatories or even cortisone injections to tackle the discomfort, but this can be only a short term solution because drugs and injections do not heal the disorder at root level, leaving the person affected dependent on them to sooth the pain and stiffness. Side effects and costs are also negative points for which drugs should not be considered as long term solutions. Cortisone injections can even damage the shoulder joint tissues and should be considered with caution. However, a program of shoulder pain therapy is the best treatment to get rid of pain and stiffness in a fraction of the time normally required for the disorder at the root of the pain to resolve naturally.

In fact, what these exercises do is targeting the rotator cuff 4 muscles and their tendons to restore it to full strength and flexibility, thus putting it in a better position to heal form inflammations or adhesions and cutting down recovery times for the disorder at the origin of the problem, not just masking the symptom of the pain, as anti inflammatories do. A program of shoulder pain therapy consists of exercises for the rotator cuff to be performed daily at home with consistency for best results. They are different from common shoulder exercises like military presses and instead consist of rotational internal and external movements implemented without resistance, or a very light one afterwards.

People affected by pain and pinching as with an Impingement Syndrome should stay to greatly benefit from these set of exercises, as they can break the vicious self fueling circle of increasing inflammation of a Shoulder Impingement. Likewise, people affected by pain and stiffness as with a Frozen Shoulder can see recovery times greatly slashed down from years to months. So do people affected by Tendonitis, Bursitis, Arthritis and any painful injury requiring rehabilitation, like tears. Pain is just the outward sign that something has gone wrong within the shoulder joint, so addressing the problem at root level with a professional program of shoulder pain therapy is the most effective treatment to heal the rotator cuff disorder or injury. On the contrary, by avoiding physical therapy the stage is set for a long run of drug dependency and re occurrence of pain.