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Physiotherapy, Coronary Revascularization

 Physiotherapy, Coronary Revascularization

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Coronary Revascularization

The coronary artery bypass grafting was described by Dr. Rene Favaloro the end of the 60′s, and became a surgical procedure often performed in many hospitals. Which is very effective for the treatment of coronary artery disease, the improvement in survival and quality of life of patients.

The passage of hospitalization and surgery leads to changes in human sensory, including pain. We understand by pain, as an unpleasant sensory experience of an emotional nature associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Therefore, in the post surgical treatment, it is

important to the evaluation of chest pain at rest. Another important part of the analysis in the evaluation of patients hospitalized and will be a bypass graft, is the lung function by spirometry indices, as in the surgical treatment

no reduction in lung volume due to diaphragmatic dysfunction, the absence of deep breaths, the pain, and abnormal lung mechanics.

The physical therapist as part of a multidisciplinary team can assess pain in the chest and the other lung function in these patients, to identify sensory and functional changes in order to provide the best conditions of these patients in the period hospitalization