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Physiotherapy for Pregnancy

 Physiotherapy for Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a state in which a woman has many changes. These affect many physical and psychological structures. Physiotherapy can help not only to alleviate the discomfort arising from these changes, but also to prepare the body for childbirth .

As the pregnant woman’s belly grows, often increase back pain. Following a series of guidelines and exercises for pregnant women can contribute to the bones, joints and muscles are kept in top condition. A good physical therapy can alleviate these sore muscles and promote physical well-being.

In addition, physical therapy provides many benefits at the time of delivery. Thanks to the exercises for pregnant women stretching and perineal massage throughout pregnancy is favored pelvic floor elasticity thus preventing tears occur during childbirth.

Exercising and keeping your body active are other tips to keep in mind during the process of gestation. Pilates or Yoga practice can be very useful because, besides strengthening the abdominal and pelvic muscles, providing relaxation and breathing techniques.

Put a professional physical therapy can help to:

Management of pain to relieve it.

Exercises to improve strength and mobility.

Exercises to help with postural alignment and body balance.

Centered techniques to achieve the flexibility of joints and soft tissues.

Stress relief and relaxation training to achieve.

Recommendations regarding sleeping positions.

Rehabilitation postpartum.