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Physiotherapy In The Nerve Damage

 Physiotherapy In The Nerve Damage

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When damage occurs in a peripheral nerve, distal axons die, degenerating sensory receptors, the end plate and skeletal muscle fiber. Most of the structures without innervation may be for one year, after which time it is difficult to be successful axonal recovery. You lose self-control and resulting propiceptivo atrophic skin, hair loss and taste, poor response to temperature and loss of subcutaneous fat. The architecture of the nerve is never normal after a section, although some new fibers are myelinated, they get connections with end-organ function, sensory or motor.

The objectives physiotherapists in the physiotherapy system will Nevis general objectives and relieve pain, stimulate circulation to reduce the incidence of trophic disorders and functional rehabilitation for activities of daily life and work.

The joint objectives will maintain joint mobility to prevent stiffness and ankylosis, prevent and correct deformities by posicionesf uncionales joint, passive movements and progressive positions of correction.

The objectives aimed at protecting muscle paralyzed muscles and skin numbed injuries, strains or protect shortening produced by unopposed forces, pressures and tensions that can act from outside, keeping tropism in injured muscles through massage, application excitomotoras heat and currents. and facilitate the onset of muscle contraction, muscle strength gradually recovered.