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Physiotherapy In The Geriatric Patient

Physiotherapy In The Geriatric Patient

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatric Physiotherapy patient says that a person enters the elderly when they turn 60 year. Old age is not a disease, the elderly are more likely to be subject to crippling syndromes, of which one must distinguish between processes that are produced by the normal biological aging that result from pathological aging.

Physiotherapy in the geriatric patient should aim to maintain independence in mobility and the development of activities of daily living

Primary prevention and physiotherapy is aimed at reducing the incidence of the disease, including health education and fitness. Once the pathology is produced attempts to limit disability through early treatment and prevent complications. In trying to reduce the irreversible disabilities disabilities through training, self-care and adaptation to the environment

regain maximum function possible we can get.

The old man in bed due to illness or surgery, we

as soon as possible prophylactic treatment and proper posture. The

Prolonged confinement to bed is the first enemy of physical therapy in the elderly.

These patients should take preventive measures such as:

Keep the patient in a comfortable position, which must be modified

regularly to prevent damage to the skin at pressure points.

Keep it clean and meet their physiological needs. Make sure you eat the right foods and sufficient fluid. Maintain respiratory function.

Protect your skin. Preventing complications involves the loss of functional positions.