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Physiotherapy- Therapy In LBP

 Physiotherapy- Therapy In LBP

Back pain
physical therapy

Physiotherapy Therapy In LBP

Although back pain affects about 80% of the population, only about 5% to 10% progress to a chronic condition. But this minority is responsible for most medical expenses. The problems caused by back pain have stimulated research and technological development in this area. The increase in X-rays, MRI, CT and the increase in the number of spine surgery have not been enough to prevent the progression of this symptom in the population.

We must make every possible effort towards the prevention of LBP with an approach that prioritizes the rebalancing of the lumbar spine functional and individual education and resources for prevention of back pain.

Physiotherapy education programs for patients with mechanical spinal injury

diagnosed, have shown that a majority can successfully learn how to mitigate this lumbar pain and more importantly how to avoid future problems.

The importance of physiotherapy and therapeutic work with back pain in the function of the spinal disc and cartilage elasticity and the fibrillar organization of scar tissue and coordination of motor units.

We understand the person as a unity, not only anatomically separate elements. The balance between form and function depends on the biomechanical body awareness and commitment of the individual.