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Physiotherapy-Treatment For The Movement

 Physiotherapy-Treatment For The Movement

physical treatment
physical therapy

Physiotherapy Treatment For The Movement

The origin of the word exercise therapy or physical therapy joins two from the Greek roots, Kinesis (Movement) and Therapist (cure).

You can understand then to physiotherapy as a set of therapeutic procedures aimed at treating diseases through the movement, whether active, passive or through special machines (mechano)

It is included as a branch of knowledge of physiotherapy and should be performed by a physical prescription.

Not to be confused with the Kinesiology kinesiology, as the latter is

study of movement, is not indicated for the treatment method is the science that studies human movement in all its forms and treatment through movement.

The passive physical therapy is to mobilize the movement in which eshecho by an external force to the patient, or oppose this or help;

while in active physical therapy is done by moving the patient forces

with or without the intervention of resistors or external aid.

Immobility causes a reduction in the functional capacity of an organ, and later generalized to multiple organ systems. The kinesiology enables the restore function, improve recovery and our general well-being.