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Rehabilitation Treatment Juvenile Chronic Arthritis

 Rehabilitation Treatment Juvenile Chronic Arthritis

Rehabilitation Treatment

The rehabilitative treatment plays a key role in children with juvenile chronic arthritis. This treatment is adapted to the intensity of the disease and the level of child development. The treatment will be planned and evaluated by a team of different disciplines in an integrated manner, valuing the whole child.

The objectives to be Through a rehabilitation treatment will control the pain and swelling, disminiur bone loss and joint damage. Increase or maintain the boundaries of maintaining joint mobility and resistance force the size of the musculature around the joint and whole body in general. Will increase aerobic capacity, we will prevent postural problems. We aim to restore and maintain mobility and gait patient autonomy by facilitating normal growth and development.

In the rehabilitation treatment of patients with juvenile chronic arthritis can use different therapeutic measures such as postural therapy and exercise through play and sports activities. Exercise is an essential part of treatment and help us to maintain joint mobility.

The application of heat or heat therapy used in conjunction with exercise and postural therapy. It must strive to achieve independent walking without aid.

The therapy should be guided by medical specialists in rehabilitation