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Self-Massage Recommendations

 Self-Massage Recommendations

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Physical therapy

Self-Massage Recommendations

* We must start with the left side, it is the magnetic pole and the recipient’s body that conveys encouragement and stimulus to the organs that are targeted.

* It is important to try to relax.

* Make massage slowly and gently.

* Connect to the point three fingers below the navel, and work from there without force.

* The rotation is always counter-clockwise then clockwise and vice versa.

* When they are soft points, breathe deeply and continue the massage as you exhale.

* It is advisable to imagine the tension and dissolve the blockage, visualizing a bright light through the entire body bringing relief, health and welfare.

Self-massage for the feet and legs:

* Play around ankle-foot to relax the feet and legs, hold the foot with one hand while playing with the other leg. (repeat 3 times each).

* Providing a circular massage, ankle using both hands.

* Rotate each foot three times in each direction.

* Massage each finger, pressing them, to help activate blood circulation. Playing toes three times in each direction and stretching.

* Interlocking fingers to his toes and tighten three times in each direction.

* Massaging makes a circle with your thumb on the soles of the feet.

* With his fist, foot massage arches five times in each direction. (This is reflected in the spine).

* Massage with fingers extending space between the bones of the birth of your toes to the back foot. Repeat 3 times. (This is reflected in the lung, breast, and Brisket).

* Massaging the two bones of the ankle of each foot. (This is reflected in the sexual and reproductive organs, re-tension and inflammation of the pelvis and sciatic nerve)

* Safe Achilles tendon tighten. (This works on problems with the sciatic nerve, rectum, and sexual disorders and reproductive organs).

* Pressing the back of the knee. (working on tired legs, and bladder)

* Rotate your feet and legs to the thigh to pooling of blood returning to the heart and thus release the tension. Repeat with other leg.

Massage for the Abdomen:

* Make a circular motion in the lower right abdomen in a circular motion clockwise hours, and went to the top, in the stomach and down to the bottom left. (help stimulate a bowel movement). Repeat about six times and finally of course do the same thing only encourages every 5 inches.

* Massaging the lower rib cage in a circular motion against the clock hands as you exhale, to remove the accumulated tension in the organs and muscles.

* Using four fingers, to comb the intercostal space, starting with the right side and then moved to the left. Repeat 3 times. (working in the lymphatic system, helps eliminate toxins, stimulate the nerve and the intercostal muscles).

* With deep finger massage from the hollow below the collarbone to the armpit. (helping people with learning difficulties and those who suffer from brain fatigue).

Massage hands and arms:

* Rub your hands and linked his fingers.

* With your thumb or index finger, pull the birth of each hand, count to ten. (help stimulate the flow of energy).

* Apply massage each finger from the tip to the palm of his hand, wiped his finger. (helping to move stagnant blood in the heart)

* With your thumb on the palm of your hand, make circular massage in a clockwise sense.

* With four fingers Comb the back of his hand toward the wrist, wrist and to relax in three upward movement.

* Each ankle massage gently in circular motion.

* Massage the arms with palms up. Pinch of skin separating the elbow bone 3 times. Press biceps, triceps and deltoid. Following the shoulder with his thumb, destroy the bone.

* Repeat the previous massage with the other arm.

Massage to the head:

* Circular massage with your fingertips on the scalp. (relaxed and active hair growth).

* Rub the inside and outside the ear.

* Massage the face gently.

Massage for the back:

* With his fist through the column between the vertebrae. Repeat on both sides.

Massage therapy

Massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment as a means to restore health. Health or well-being means to balance our vital energy, cultivate self-healing powers and their beliefs.

We are accustomed to paying attention to all external stimuli, but how long we take to reflect on ourselves, our bodies, our feelings, needs and desires? Massage therapy is one of the oldest and most important to renew contact with the art ourselves. This affects all levels of our existence and respect him as a sacred entity and smooth. Direct contact with our body to communicate with the physical-organic-bone, muscle, psychological, emotional, energetic, spiritual and social.

For its part, the body is an electromagnetic field so that our hands are electric poles. Through the power of human touch can be a new experience and “energetic” balance, which pervades all levels.

By giving and receiving massages we become more aware of this and the level of vital energy in it. This vital energy is the product of breathing and eating, is the root of life, birth, growth and change. This is also called qi or chi. The ki activate all body processes, such as the circulation of blood and other fluids, which helps to distribute in the skin, joints, muscles and organs.

At the moment two people meet, gather the aura or electromagnetic field, which means there is an exchange of energy without having to account. Type of energy emitted largely depends on attitude, mental, emotional and physical persons. This explains the close relationship between therapist and patient. Therapist send and receive energy through their hands while playing, often untouched, for people who receive treatment.

Achieved with a total relaxation massage therapy and healing of many diseases (from organic mental illnesses and emotional problems), and even rejuvenation.

Cell respiration, oxygenation and circulation of fluids, metabolism, digestion and muscle have a great stimulus. This in turn encourages the elimination of toxins, waste, gas, stress, insomnia, migraine, and neuralgia, among others.

If the four sets of elimination (skin, kidneys, intestines and lungs) do not work perfectly, then the other organs are filled with toxins and cellulite, calculation, arteriosclerosis and obesity. With the help of a massage therapy to recover balance and overall well-being.

For all these reasons, massage helps people who experience the process of individual growth to live in harmony with oneself and with nature.