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Sprained Finger

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Physical therapy

If you practice basketball, volleyball, paddle tennis, climbing … it is likely that on occasion you had a sprained finger. That typical balonazo or collision with an opponent that causes us great pain swelling our finger.

The first thing to do when someone sprains once produced the injury is to put ice. And then come to the emergency room to check that there is no broken bone or a tendon rupture. So we need a doctor’s diagnosis. Usually the injury is assessed by a radiological test and verify whether there is deformity, instability or loss of function.

Proven to be a sprain, will proceed to the immobilization of the finger, which could be done by tape (tape) or thermoplastic (the plastic finger cots).

The advantage of tape is that it prevents us from using your finger, and the disadvantage is that it is very comfortable and very unstable injury immobilizes not enough. On the contrary, if you freeze perfectly splint the finger, being necessary for cases of great instability, but we use your finger to prevent everyday life. Depending on the type of injury will use one or the other.

While we can not move a finger what we should do is use the ice to act as a local anesthetic, and we recommend a massage for about 5 minutes and immediately begin with a painless mobilization in the arc of motion. It is also advisable to use anti-inflammatory cream on the injured area after the ice. These exercises should last from 5 to 10 minutes a day and we can repeat 3 to 5 times a day. Always have to replace the ferrule to finish. Little by little we will be checking as we get much greater range of motion.

We must also be careful if you have been in a coup, we have not had a sprained wrist .