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The Massage of The Acupuncture Points

 The Massage of The Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture treatment
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Acupressure is a method derived from acupuncture but without needles. Tibetan technique is finger pressure on specific points relieving some small everyday ailments such as fatigue, stress or headaches. It also helps to balance your energy or recover regulates the sleep as nervous tension. It facilitates the expansion pressure, improves heart function, bowel and kidney.

Its great advantage is that you can do yourself as self-Massage.

What is an acupuncture point?

He invented more than 360 points distributed by the energy channels or meridians that travel throughout the body surface. Some acupuncture points coincide with the nerve pathways and others with the blood or lymph.

Not that these points have specific therapeutic virtues, but allow the flow of energy.

How to proceed?

Acupressure involves pressing acupuncture points with the fingertips while breathing deeply.

You press more or less strong according to the point: In general always takes into account the feeling of comfort you receive. Begin by gently pressing to increase pressure gradually. But the items identified as sensitive points, always gently pressed.

It is generally advisable to press two minutes at each point.

To combat stress:

To quickly reach a state of relaxation, you press the point located between the eyebrows where your nose begins.

It also helps to find sleep.

This next point would be to make it right with your home. Perform pressure and rotations in the interval between the first and second toe on each side simultaneously.

Points to the lack of energy:

In case you’re flanking forces, the energy released by pressing acupressure point located on the back of the hand between thumb and forefinger.

To remove the feeling of tiredness, you can press with the index of the upper lip groove.