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Therapy Benefits Benefits of physical therapy

 Therapy Benefits

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Benefits of physical therapy
The experience of more than 50 years of study and clinical research shows positive effects in cases of learning disabilities language, spoken or written and verbal expression, attention deficit, memory problems, problems with processing and auditory discrimination.

The Tomatis Method has wide application in problems of motivation, attention, anxiety, stress, depression and mental fatigue. There are also good results in behavioral problems, motor coordination thin / thick, laterality, body image and self esteem. In hypo-or hyperactive children observed changes in motor and normalization of sleep patterns.

Improvements are evident in autism, but treatment times are longer, because their needs are more complex.

Additional benefits have been documented in areas such as communication within companies, foreign language studies, training, speaking and singing voice and musical training. The most important thing is that no negative effects with using this method.

Some of the benefits that show children with therapy are less distracted environmental stimuli before responding better listen, read and write better, better follow instructions, concentrate for longer periods of time, tend to complete more tasks, talk at appropriate times, improve voice quality, communicate better, interrupt less, are better organized in their activities, need less supervision for school work, decrease the periods when daydreaming, improve sense of rhythm, sing more toned, become more coordinated.

Many of the benefits seen within days and this is just the beginning. The person continues to improve throughout the period of therapy and long after therapy has ended.

This is a noninvasive therapy, uses no drugs or chemicals, and no “program” any behavior or thought. Never reported an effect that is positive. The beauty of this therapy is to retrain the ear and allows the person to return to a natural state of wholeness and integration. Tomatis believes that listening is a proper birthright that we all have and therapy through the method to retrieve this condition should be our natural state.

This method exercises the muscles of the middle ear leading them to an optimal functional state, and this helps the body heal itself. The Tomatis Method is only a tool used to assist the person back to what it can be and develop their full potential.