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Type of Therapy and its Benefits

 Type of Therapy and its Benefits

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natural massage

Massage eliminates muscle spasms, only to stress, tension, and in many cases, improve mood. Are health benefits for both physical and mental health.

Body massage is applied since ancient times and has many benefits. They are good for the skin, blood and lymphatic circulation, muscles and tendons, respiratory and nervous systems, and even help improve mood. We have the possibility in this field is very different and each is suitable for each case.


Self-massage is a massage with a technique similar to Japanese shiatsu. This consists of exercises focusing on the head and neck, accompanied by breathing, stretching, and pressure taps on specific points. With the increasing practice of bone and muscle problems, anxiety, insomnia, stress, hypertension and digestive disorders.


The Taurine is a comprehensive body massage and the energy balance, circulation and provide relaxation. Traditionally, a baby at birth and is carried to friction with the Flor de Tahiti macerated for an hour and all the muscles of the body in a relaxed atmosphere.

Shiatsu massage, reiki

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic massage that involves applying pressure with thumbs and palms in certain parts of the body, especially on both sides of the spine in coordination with the breath of patients to achieve greater relaxation and energy balance of each organ.

With shiatsu done to reduce pain, improve blood and lymphatic circulation and relax the muscle system.


Subcutaneous lymphatic massage active and increase lymphatic circulation circulation again. Consists of: Gently massage the entire body followed the direction of lymphatic circulation, leading to increased edema or constitutional disease.
Circulation Massage

Circulation special massage for swollen feet and tired. In this application, lighter legs without the accumulation of fluid obtained at the ankles and knees.

Relaxing Massage

Massage is a relaxation massage is given to regional bodies concerned with soft tissue mobilization techniques, pressing the muscle groups in the area to achieve the total elimination of stress and tension.
Neuromuscular Massage

For massage in neuromuscular massage is used to find the contraction strain and excitement in the network, eliminating trigger points that can cause pain, restore posture alignment and reconstruct damaged tissue, increase flexibility and blood flow.

Massage with Aloe Vera

General massage cosmetics Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory, soothing and regeneration. Cosmetic products containing aloe vera gel is extracted from plants and contains more than 140 active ingredients.

Massage with Algae

Massage applying seaweed consists of relaxation massage by placing the algae on the back of the neck, chest, abdomen and extremities.

Massage with algae has several combinations, one of which is the application of more infrared radiation in the treated area by applying a second massage.

Anti-cellulite massage

Circle cellulite massage consists of gentle massage with some cream that prevents the development of cellulite and prevent the formation of fat clusters. With their increasing circulation and gives skin a smooth, uniform texture.

Massage feet with seaweed

Foot massage is applied with seaweed, sea grass, first of all pure, then continues with moisturizing seaweed and essential oils.

Sports Massage

Sports massage designed to stretch and loosen muscles. Sometimes you can use heat to help relax the muscles and remove some debris.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a classic massage that applies in most spas. Consists of soft muscle manipulation with oils to improve circulation and relieve tension.