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 Vestibular Rehabilitation

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation is used in the treatment of patients with vertigo, imbalance and gait instability. It is known that the vestibular system participates in the processing of sensory and postural movements. Knowing many of these functions helps therapists determine the focus and effectiveness of its assistance strategy for training and restoring the function of the position.

The vestibular system can be compromised by infectious processes, inflammatory, vascular and traumatic. These conditions are reflected clinically in the signs and symptoms such as postural lainestabilidad, nystagmus, vertigo and dizziness. The activity carried out in day to day seem to be simple, however, for patients suffering from vestibular disorders, simple tasks like getting out of bed or go to the bathroom can be extremely difficult.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a therapeutic procedure, physiotherapy, which aims to restore balance to the patient, through mechanisms, substitution, habituation and adaptation. In this sense, their use has improved the quality of life and encourage healthy living guide the patient to the greatest extent possible, to control their symptoms