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What is Bursitis


As requested we arrived some time ago about requesting more information about bursitis, let’s move on to explain what this disease

The bursitis occurs when pouches, called bursas, become inflamed or irritated causing pain. These bursae are located in areas where there are points of friction, such as muscles, bones or tendons, the aim is that these bursae get help movement.

The types of bursitis that can be found are two, are both acute and chronic.

The first is the mildest and is detected at the moment when the joint takes on a reddish color and causes a pain which corresponds well with an increase in temperature in that area.

In the second type, chronic bursitis, is the step of acquiring acute bursitis, and also may come also to have multiple injuries bursitis manifests with pain and swelling and reduces the normal movement, resulting in muscle atrophy and motor weakness.

We must take care of our joints, which is that overuse of them can infect the bursitis, and that is why we must take care of us, we do not know when that can happen to us, and is which usually manifests especially in the shoulders, with a pain that goes from less to more, and if we do not remedy, we will constantly.