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Occupational Therapist Assistant Salary

 Occupational Therapist Assistant Salary

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy

How much is the average Occupational Therapist Assistant Salary in the United States? Well, how would you like to discover a top tip on how you can ensure that you’re salary is at the highest end in the entire USA? Is it where you take your Occupational Therapist Assistant School? Maybe not, Read on and find out…

In some cases we can show you how you could even double your salary with no extra experience. Yes, it’s true and you won’t believe how simple it is to do. It’s one of those moments where you have that light bulb go off in your head and just say “well Duh!” of course that’s true because it’s so obvious. But you will probably realize that most people just overlook it without giving it a second thought. We will cover that top tip below.

But first we need to discuss just how much the median Occupational Therapist Assistant Salary is when you do the real averages.

According to the Human resources report of 2011 the average salary in the field is just over $47,900. That data does not specify whether or not it takes into account the part timers averaged as a per hour calculated to full time or not. So, we of course gathered our own data and this is what we found to be real world numbers.

In the top city in America for Occupational Therapist Assistant Salaries we found an ad that when called on verified that they had a top spot open at Just over $64,000 with some really nice benefits. Then upon calling an ad in the lowest paying city we could find we were quoted an annual salary of just over $29,000. So, you may already be starting to understand what our top tip for doubling your salary is, aren’t you.

When you are hunting for the very best salary for a Occupational Therapist Assistant please begin to not only think educationally (as in getting more education, certificates and more Occupational Therapist Assistant schooling) but also start to think geographically as well. It’s not that we don’t thinks you should get all the extra education in your field you should or that you should not go for that extra certificate. No, on the contrary get all of them you possibly can. Each and every one will help your career.

What we are saying is if you could simply relocate and double your lifetime earnings potential why wouldn’t you want to consider that as an option? Look at it like this; if you earned the minimum salary for your entire say 30 year career we saw advertised you would make about $870,000 over the span of that 30 year career. But if you moved (in some cases just one state over) you could have possibly earned $1,920,000 That’s well in excess of 1 million dollars more for doing the same job, the same work and the same hours as you did for over 1 million less.

Some of the top paying states you would want to check by city are Hawaii, California, Oregon, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Your 1st step however is to find the best schooling and grants out there to get the ball rolling in that arena. Your best resources for that is checking every single resource online you possibly can. You want to make sure you look at everything possible and take notes.

Then when you’re just about to graduate take a look at our top tip again and make your choice. Any way you look at it therapist and assistant therapist jobs are going to expand over the next 10 to 20 years.

We wish you only the best in your new Occupational Therapist Assistant career. And as you can see it’s not only where you took your Occupational Therapist Assistant School that counts.