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Your Potential Income as a Physical Therapy Assistant

Your Potential Income as a Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapy Assistant
 Physical Therapy

Individuals who work as a physical therapy assistant will find that their skills are in higher demand than any other time before.  This is because physical therapy has been shown to help heal conditions that could not be healed before, and even enjoy a better range of motion.  As such, many people are considering becoming a physical therapist to enjoy having a career where they have a lot of options and perhaps a nice salary to go along with it.

Becoming a physical therapist assistant is not as simple as applying for the job.  Rather, one needs to complete a physical therapy assistant certification program.  This is different than the programs that physical therapists have to go through, as the programs are much shorter in length.  If you are interested in this career option you may be wondering just what your income would be like upon completion of the program.

As a physical therapy assistant you should be prepared for your salary to be a bit lower when you first get out of school.  Yet, the longer you work and the more experience you gain you will see an increase in your salary. You can expect to make anywhere from $15 to $20 an hour right out of school. After four years on the job you may be able to increase your wages to over $24 an hour which will provide a nice income for most people.

If you want to make more money there are some options for you to consider that will allow you to demand a higher salary.  Those who get a massage therapy license and their CPR certification will find that they can demand as much as $30 an hour to start and go up from there.  As you can see, a physical therapy assistant can be a very rewarding job.  How much you make is impacted by the area that you live in, what type of facility that you work in, as well as how willing you are to continue your education.