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Dance And Music Are Used As Therapy

 Dance And Music Are Used As Therapy

Uses Dance And Music As Therapy

womb? Regardless of the life we lead sedentary, fast-paced, there is a common denominator in the lives of many of the urban population, and is composed of several ingredients: the heavy reliance, the constant pressures, the need to master time , leaving us empty of energy imbalance, a device that broadcasts the music that would achieve if it were alone. we can say that belly dancing can help in finding the lost balance , and it contributes to the awareness of basic body mechanics, especially those in the center of gravity and body’s life force (which is what more you work in traditional belly dancing); fundamental process to achieve self-knowledge that we need to function in society.

Training belly dance affects other parts of the body, strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and pelvis in particular. On the other hand, the dance coordinates the muscles and nerves with the mind. When the ear hears the music calms the body appears and fuses with the melody or rhythm triggers a very pleasant feeling we might call happiness. In fact, medicine currently uses dance and music as therapy, and although the dance is not able to cure many psychological or psychiatric diseases, helps to cure depression, nervousness and neurosis, diseases common in our times. we can enumerate some of the emotional benefits of belly dancing practice:

Breakouts. It causes the release physical, psychological and mental induces generate changes in attitudes, and feel more secure about life.

Expression of emotions. It works with moods such as sadness, joy, playfulness, sweetness, as reflected in the body, is a dance that is able to translate what happens on the inside of the dancer, finding in this form of expression a great relief, peace and harmony.

It fosters creativity. It is a dance that values the ability to improvise, to create the interpreter in the expression of feelings is a way to “tell a story”, he values spontaneity, which is not true in all the dances, let alone in social life.

It helps to restore confidence in an already overcome old fears. Enhances femininity. Help them connect with the essence of the feminine, and both can exploit that power of seduction, overcoming prejudices imposed by society. The eroticism is only found in the eye of the beholder.

Help to improve communication.

Physical Benefits:

Rigidity. Thanks to the work separately from each body part as hip, rib cage, chest, shoulders, head, etc., allows the release, fluidity and coordination, and the elimination of known knots of tension are formed either by stress , physical fatigue, or lack of exercise of certain muscles.

Better circulation. In exercising muscles, they need more oxygen, and the circulatory system works to give, reduction in blood pressure.

Menstrual cramps and digestive system. It was found that the pain subside through pelvic movements massage the area making it work better internally, without resorting to chemistry.

Evita osteoarthritis. Harmonizes the function of muscle to cartilage and joints. Exercise stimulates these “hinges” of the body to make them mobile and powered by the body’s natural lubrication. The sedentary activity causes the loss of this natural process and consequent loss of elasticity. Belly dancing stimulates the body fluid movement, something that other dances fail.

Burn calories. According to various studies, dance burns between 250-300 calories per hora.Por Finally, we note that the ancient Egyptians took to the dance as a sport, turning their bodies more resistant, exceeding in many cases life expectancy to that of contemporary Egyptians.