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Exercise Your Back Pain Out of Existence

Exercise Your Back Pain Out of Existence 

Back Pain

Once a bad back, always a bad back... or so the myth goes. Chronic lower back pain often stems from poor habits in our day-to-day lives, and for many people the key to conquering the problem is learning exercises that retrain our bodies to work more efficiently.

So many people spend years trying to overcome their back pain or sciatica by going to the physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor to be clicked and cricked back into shape. They stride out of the surgery walking tall, feeling great for a few days, only for that nagging pain to creep back into their lives. And before they know it, they're back to square one.

Why? Because the body has not learned anything new. It's like the teacher doing the pupil's homework for them. It might give them a good score in the short term, but it doesn't do anything to improve their education in the long term. The same goes for your body and your back. Far better to learn some exercises that will enable you to look after yourself, than rely on the back specialist to give you that short-term fix each time.

Some back pain sufferers take even more drastic measures to conquer their lumbar pain once and for all. Back surgery is becoming increasingly popular, and for some people it works, for others it leaves them no better off. Not only that, it's expensive and as with any form of invasive surgery, it doesn't happen without a certain amount of risk. Wouldn't it be worth 'risking' a bit of time on some simple exercises for your back before the surgery?

That's what we believe, anyway. And thankfully, the healthcare community is gradually waking up to the importance of transversus abdominis. "Transversus what?" Yes, there is a bit of jargon to cope with, although some of the simpler jargon refers to core stability, or put even more simply, how to use your 'inner tummy muscles'. We're all familiar with the six-pack of abdominals, typified by muscle men like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But beneath the six-pack lie your inner, or core, abdominals. These are crucial to being able to control your body and they also help protect your back. Unfortunately, not all of us know how to activate these muscles. But you can learn how to activate them, and if you can, you'll be well on the way to beating your lower back pain. This website is devoted to telling your more about how to achieve this. With the right instruction, you can make significant progress towards getting rid of your pain in just 10 minutes of exercise per day.

Keep the back exercises going for a few weeks, and you'll find that you naturally begin to incorporate this new way of using your body in your day-to-day living. Give it three months, and you'll be reaching the point where you'll be exercising without even thinking about it. You'll have 'grooved in' a new habit into your subconscious. How cool will that be?

If you've found this site now, you'll see that there's not much to see. We launched in March 2003, but we're growing rapidly, so bookmark us now, and come back every fortnight or so to learn more about exercises to beat your back pain.