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How Does Healer Holistic Massage Occur?


 How Does Healer Holistic Massage Occur?

Body massage
 Healing Massage

Holistic Healing Massage is a massage that integrates both body massage, body energy cleansing, chakra cleansing and subtle bodies and reenergetizacion of the whole body besides cleaning and balancing chakras as well as active listening therapy.

For serving the Holistic Healing Massage?

Holistic Healing Massage is used to cleanse our body of stagnant energy to destensionar, to unlock emotions serves to cleanse the chakras and to balance and integrate the body mentally, physically and emotionally and also the subtle bodies, the Healer Holistic Massage also serves , to cleanse, balance and reenergetizarnos to open ourselves to new challenges, to open ourselves to the abundance and prosperity as well as something very important to unconditional love helps us to obtain peace and serenity of mind and emotional … and so on.

How is the Healer Holistic Massage?

Holistic Healing Massage is done at three levels of intensity: the first level or making contact is a very soft surface to relax the body part where you are applying and then move to the second level where you unlock and search destensionar the body and remove stagnant energy and either muscle tension or emotional block as well as the dead cells with the third level is swept and cleaned, leaving a feeling of lightness …!!! To continue with the second part of massage:

The whole body reenergetizacion of peace através energy … giving way to a quarter: the balance of farms by different methods.

And last a little guided meditation.

Before and after the massage you have an active listening session.

Elements that accompany the Healer Holistic Massage?

The elements are: sea salt, candles, oil, music, different colors, stones, aromas, and all my unconditional love! All this in a relaxed, calm and full of peace and harmony