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 Low Back Pain Why you?

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You might be surprised about some of the things that could have caused your low back pain in the first place. In some cases the reasons for getting a bad back seem very obvious. You might have been involved in a car crash, or recently had a baby, or maybe your job just involves a good deal of hard, back-straining work. There are also many people who have found that their bad back has just crept up on them. In these cases it is often hard to understand why lower back problems have just taken hold of people.

We’ve all heard people say: "It's just me getting old," or "I just leaned over to pick something up and I felt my back go." It's probably not that single episode but a build-up of episodes that have all contributed to that one moment. That final episode was simply, as the saying goes, 'the straw that broke the camel’s back'.

If only it were as simple as blaming your lower back pain on one single incident, but life is rarely that simple. The health of your back is tied up in virtually everything about you. Your attitudes to pain, your genetic make-up, the way your parents brought you up, the way you walk, stand, sit and hold things, the job and lifestyle you have now, have all had an effect.

Even the way you feel has an enormous effect on the state of your back. Just think about how tense you can feel after you’ve had an argument with someone for example, and how that feeling can linger. Interestingly there have been some experiments that have demonstrated changes in muscle activity when you look at a picture of someone 'performing' an activity. What this could mean is that if you are anxious about bending to pick up something from the floor, or are nervous about whether your back will get through the meeting you have to sit for hours in, your muscles are already overreacting and can influence how much low back pain you experience, without having even moved!

Some people believe they should take personal responsibility for the problems in their life. If you are one of those people, then you have come to the right place. We can show you some simple exercises that will help you start using your body, and most particularly your back, in a more efficient and less painful way. A bit like learning to drive a car, it can be challenging early on, when it seems like there is too much to think about. However with a few minutes’ exercise each day and a little persistence, you’ll find yourself beginning to incorporate these new movements and exercises into your everyday life without any conscious effort on your part.