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Low Back Pain in a Few Words

 Low Back Pain in a Few Words

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Low back pain affects a considerable number of people all over the world. Regardless of the type of work they perform, be it sedentary or active, a large number of people suffer from back pain, and the most common one is lower back, which is the one we’re going to focus on going forward.

There are a variety of remedies for low back pain, from stretches and warm-up exercises, going through yoga, Pilates, etcetera, and up to more radical measures, like pain killers, anti-inflammatory pills and even back surgery. Obviously, no one wants to get to the point of having to go through back surgery, so the earlier we act upon it, the better chance we have at avoiding going under the knife.

You are only as young as your spine.

Think about it. Every major part of the human body is, in a certain way, connected to the spine. Every move we make with our bodies, from picking a flower to lifting a bag of groceries, puts some sort of stress on the spine. If the stress on the spine is always oriented in the same direction and with similar force, the muscles used to do perform that motion will become stronger.

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At the same time, the muscles that do not get used in that repetitive motion will get weaker and weaker as time passes, the spine flexibility that we take for granted in our early years, is bound to become a thing of the past. Until one day when you’ll say “I’ve thrown my back out”. That is the point that’s the result of hundreds and maybe thousands of repetitive movements, or in some cases lack of movement, or increased body weight, or a combination of any of the above.

The Vicious Cycle

Once low back pain has set in, instinctively you become more cautious in terms of exercises, range of movement, lifting weights (either for a living or as exercise), athletics, and so forth. One of the side effects of that change in activity levels is that your body weight is likely to increase slowly over time. Every extra pound or kilogram added to your upper body translates (among other effects) into extra pressure on your lower back. More pressure means more of a chance that certain moves or postures will result in lower back pain. The obvious result is that you’ll reduce your activity levels, range and intensity of motion even more, which in turn will “help” your body accumulate more weight. And the cycle goes on and on for millions of people every day.

All hope is not lost

Dealing with lower back pain is not all about doom and gloom. There is hope; and with some effort and help from the right resources, low back pain can be controlled, managed, reduced and brought to a level where you can lead a normal life. Is it possible to become 100 percent back pain-free? The answer is yes. Does it take commitment and a considerable amount of work? You bet. Keep an eye out for future posts on some simple tips and exercises you can easily use to improve the shape of your back and the quality of your life.