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Aching Muscles: Simple but Powerful Alternative Back Pain Relief Options

 Aching Muscles: Simple but Powerful Alternative Back Pain Relief Options

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Back pain treatment affects a majority of people and it can be quite debilitating.  Everyone who tried to pick up something from a lower shelf in a supermarket, and could not get up knows how humiliating it can be.

Medications can be used to treat acute and chronic low back pain but they may cause side effects.  In some cases, for example to treat pain in pregnancy, the common pain relief medications usually prescribed by physicians are not recommended, as they are not safe.  Unfortunately, medication or surgery is the first, and sometimes the only option offered to back pain sufferers.

A study conducted by University of Alberta looked at effectiveness of exercise on 240 patients with chronic back pain resulting from a soft tissue injury. According to the study, back pain decreased by 14 to 28 percent.  The benefits were greater in people who exercised more frequently: 28 percent in patients who exercised four days a week as compared to 14 percent in patients who exercised two times a week.  The quality of life improved as well as much as 28 percent.

Many back pain relief alternatives are simple and safe to use.  A short bed rest, combined with ice and heat compresses, can reduce pain dramatically.  Yoga and other forms of exercise, depending on the cause of back pain, may bring relief by stretching and strengthening the muscles.  Lower back pain relief may require specific exercises that differ from exercises that help in case of upper back muscle pain.  Back pain treatment may include paying attention to daily routines, like walking or sleeping position, as well as one’s diet.

“Yoga serves as an excellent cure for back pain because it teaches its students to breathe properly, allowing the uninhibited flow of oxygen and stresses on stretching exercises that help the body to relax”, say experts on  Regular practice of yoga improves muscular strength, flexibility, and balance. 

 In fact, clinical studies prove that yoga can reduce chronic lower back pain.  The improvements in the yoga group included a significant reduction in the pain intensity, and in pain medication usage.  The patients who participated in yoga sessions twice a week reported that getting out of chairs was easier and faster.  “A proper sitting posture can go a long way in preventing back ache so ensure that you sit straight to avoid any strain on your back muscles.”