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Facial Massage For Beauty

  Facial Massage For Beauty

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Facial massage to help the muscles and skin to remain firm, but has several benefits for beauty.

Apply facial massage often helps keep skin elastic, so avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

Another virtue is the facial massage to stimulate collagen and elastin, which is very important because they provide a sustainable network to maintain that there is no looseness or sagging skin.

Facial massage activates blood circulation and thus contribute to improved irrigation and oxygenation of the skin of the face and neck, it will look more supple and glowing.

Active ingredient of beauty creams penetrate deeper into the skin during the facial massage done immediately.

Homemade facial

No need to go to a beauty center to receive a face, you can do yourself to have a moisturizer and only a few minutes from time.

Full health we will show how you can practice your own facial massage.

* Before beginning a massage to cleanse face and neck skin with a cream or cleanser and then a sample taken from the tonic that usually used.

* For a facial massage is needed for a cream that allows the sliding skin without drawing hand, you can use the cream you want, and if you want to add a few drops of essential oil rosehip, almond or wheat germ will double benefit.

* The facials include neck and chest (do not forget these areas) and started sliding the finger from the neck to the chin neck, making small movements with his hands open.

* When you get under the chin facial massage will help to avoid the formation of the jaw and smaller if already formed, it will hit areas of the body with the fingers, with open hands, palms down.

Touched gently but continued with both hands at once.

* The facial massage is performed on the cheek by inserting fingers outstretched taps his temple with his fingertips and tweaks.

Never pull or stretch the skin to the limit, you should consider this if not, massage is not promoting prejudice.

* In the nasolabial wrinkle thumb placed on both sides of the nose, put a little pressure with rotational movement.

* In the area located on the lip skin contains more than gently pressing the circle with the index finger tip and many more.

* For a facial massage eyelids done in a circle around the eye gently moving the middle finger.

It starts on the outside and change the length around the eyes, always from the outside to take the end of the bone as a reference.

* The facial massage begins at the front nose, pushing so-called third eye, then with both hands on the motion made.

Massage in the middle of the eyelid raised eyebrows, you can easily check this first making it one side to be able to see the effect.