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Physical Therapy Prevent and Alleviate Health Problems Specificapy Helps to Women


 Physical Therapy Prevent and Alleviate Health Problems Specificapy Helps to Women

health problems predominantly female

 Highlights the benefits of physical therapy in the cure, prevention or alleviation of health problems predominantly female. “Physiotherapy offers many treatments and solutions that help improve general health status of women, solving specific problems such as pain caused by pregnancy and other problems that affect more media, such as osteoporosis, urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction caused by pain of muscular origin, “said the president of the General Council of Colleges of Physiotherapists of Spain, Pedro Borrego. In obstetrics, physical therapy, pain relief and prevents muscle-skeletal produced during pregnancy. Also, promotes full recovery occurred after birth, preventing postpartum sequelae.


Physiotherapy also helps to maintain and improve the physical condition of women with osteoporosis, to promote joint mobility and reduce or avoid pain. This also prevents the loss of bone density, and morphological changes.

To combat osteoporosis, physical therapy offers treatments such as thermotherapy and electrotherapy, superficial or deep heat therapy, ultrasound, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, massage therapy decontracting or magnet, which have been scientifically proven therapeutic effect against this disease.


Another problem that usually affects women, especially with age, is urinary incontinence. In response, physiotherapy also helps to prevent this discomfort often have about 40% of women over 45 years. The cause is usually in the effort in childbirth or surgery, which trigger an involuntary relaxation of the muscles involved or related to the urological unit.

In response, the Physiotherapy offers several avenues to help strengthen the muscles and tendons of the abdominal cavity, which control can be maintained in the bladder, uterus and rectum, avoiding the pesky losses.

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in women, particularly that caused by the pains to maintain relationships is another problem to which offers physiotherapy and treatment solutions.

“One of the most common causes of this disorder is the alteration of the perineal muscle tone. A bad state of this affects the sensitivity and can cause pain during sex, “explained Pedro Borrego.

Recent advances in physical therapy to help recover the perineal muscles, allowing combat sexual dysfunction caused by muscle problems and thus, maintaining a sex life.