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Lower Back Pain Exercises – Tutorial One

Lower Back Pain Exercises – Tutorial One

Lower Back Pain Exercises
Back Pain Exercises

 Pain in the lower back can cause your daily life to suffer.  It’s hard to make it through the day when merely sitting or standing causes discomfort.  Fortunately, this can be reduced or fully erased in a few weeks with simple lower back pain exercises.

Lower back pain stems from weak back muscles and abs.  These muscles are used in supporting the upper body and are in almost constant work when you stand, sit, sleep, or go about your daily routine.

Recently, the idea of strengthening the lower back muscles to help reduce pain, heal damaged areas, and prevent overall injury has been the more commonly recommended action to take when experiencing lower back pain.  It promotes a more natural form of repair on the muscles and is frequently suggested by personal trainers, physical therapists, doctors, and athletes.  Sometimes exercising and stretching may not be enough, though.  If you’re experiencing prolonged discomfort, please consult your doctor.

When performing these lower back pain exercises, it’s important to keep a flawless form and run through each exercise precisely.  If need be, speak with an exercise expert in order to make sure you’re exercising and stretching correctly.

— 1. Warm-Up With Shoulder Rolls —

Move your arms in circles in both directions.  Ensure that you’re focusing on stretching the shoulder muscles out.  This is an excellent warm-up and will also make for a great cool down at the end of your lower back pain exercises.

— 2.  Light-Impact Aerobic Exercises —

Swimming or walking will work perfectly for this.  Although it’s important to get outside and exercise everyday, limit these exercises to every few days until you’re fully healed.  Overstraining the muscles can worsen the damage or cause permanent discomfort.  These both promote great posture and engage the muscles in the lower back which help prepare them to handle future use easily.

— 3.  Squats —

Put yourself up against a wall.  Keep perfect form and posture as you slowly lower your upper body until your legs are in a position similar to sitting in a chair.  Wait for a few seconds in that position before rising to full height again.  Do this for about twenty to thirty minutes.  Ready for something more?  Try doing this exercise without the wall while focusing on good form and posture.

— 4.  Limb Lifts —

Lay down on your back.  Lift each limb one at a time and hold them up for five to ten seconds.  A modification of this is laying face down instead.

— 5.  Crunches —

Abs are one of the most important areas of your being and they assist in supporting your upper body.  Keep your arms crossed over your chest and tight against your ribs. When performing this exercise, it’s not necessary to rise up all the way.  Lift yourself until your elbows or forearms are touching your thighs.

These are just a few of the many lower back pain exercises available.  Stay tuned for more!